Skegness caravan parks

Skegness caravan parks

One of the great things to do on a rainy day is Captain kids adventure play which is an adventure are with different obstacles and soft play toys aimed at under 10s really but great if the weather isn’t as sunny as we would like. The other thing that is near Captain kids adventure play is Skegness Aquarium where the whole family can enjoy seeing Rays sharks and lots of fishes in this great family oriented aquarium. If you are staying on a Skegness caravan park and want something a little more thrilling there is a great theme park called Fantasy island where you will find near Skegness beach a traditional funfair and more.

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Things to do in Skegness

If you have booked a holiday in Skegness and are staying in a self-catering Skegness caravan you will have a large choice of restaurants, fish and chip shops, pizza places and many of the take outs are very reasonable so a self-catering option is a great option if you are staying on one of the Skegness holiday parks. Skegness caravans are also very affordable the price in the area is hugely competitive because there are so many Skegness caravan parks around Skegness itself and Skegness caravans start from less than a hundred pound for a short break. We have many Skegness caravans that are pet friendly but please be mindful the Skegness beach has restricted months for dogs going on Skegness beach.

Skegness beach

Skegness beach is a great stretch of beach and there are numerous activities to do on the beach including donkey rides and Fairy Dell paddling pool. The fairy dell paddling pool is a great place near Skegness beach and has been going since the 1980s and a free place for the children on a sunny day to have a paddle. What’s great about Skegness beach is the if you are traveling via car there are lots of car parking spaces near Skegness beach. Skegness beach has been awarded a blue flag award with the excellent water and the best beaches around Lincolnshire. If you have booked into one of the Skegness caravan parks and looking for things to do in Skegness you won’t be disappointed because the list to do in and around Skegness is immense. Things to do in Skegness are particularly family orientated and on any occasions when we have guests book on the Skegness caravan parks they write reviews and post pictures of their families of all the great things to do in Skegness.

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There are other beaches that are pet friendly apart from Skegness beach such as Sutton on sea beach which is very close to Skegness beach. If you are wanting to explore Skegness beach and the things to do in Skegness we offer some great breaks from 2 nights and caravan hire Skegness seems to be one the most popular seaside destinations on the East Coast with caravan hire Skegness being fully occupied most of the year.

Caravan hire Skegness

Come rain or shine you are guaranteed to be entertained by all that Skegness has to offer and we have only skimmed the surface there would just be too many things to do in Skegness to list. Skegness caravan parks are all round the Skegness area and we have three Skegness caravan parks where we offer Skegness caravans to guests with the flexibility of any day check into caravan hire Skegness and a two night stay can be had at any of the Skegness caravans we have to offer. Caravan hire Skegness is able to be booked online or over the phone so give us a call to get the very best price at any of the twenty caravans for hire in Skegness and don’t forget to sign up to our loyalty scheme and work towards a free caravan holiday.

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