Static caravan holidays

Static Caravan Holidays

Static caravan holidays are without a doubt a great way to enjoy a British holiday. Our huge range of Static caravan holidays can be as short as a 2-night break or for as long as you want to holiday. Although many of the static caravan sites don’t allow you stay over twenty-eight days. You can book a static caravan holiday from eighty pounds and enjoy a family holiday for all the family. Additionally, we have static caravan holidays available for families with dogs too. In fact, half our static caravan holidays are pet friendly. You can choose from a range of static caravan holidays including a 9-berth static caravans for hire down to a 4-berth static caravan.

Static Caravan Holidays Near Me 

Static caravan holidays UK

I am sure if you’re doing some holiday shopping online, you will agree there is a great choice of static caravans. You will find all static caravan holidays available to book on the day and a year in advance. We have already started taking bookings on static caravan holidays for 2023. You can book 2023 holidays in a static caravan with just a £25 deposit. The deposit is then taken off your final balance. The final balance will be due 6 weeks before you arrive on your holiday. Please don’t worry we offer flexible payment plans too! Yes, you can pay off smaller amounts leading up to your due date. Just call us and we will send you a payment link and you can pay off the amount you would like.

Static caravan holidays with dogs

When you’re booking your static caravan holidays, you will want to think about what kind of static caravan parks are right for you. Do you want something very lively to keep the children entertained? Would you prefer smaller static caravan parks with just a small range of things to do? There is quite a lot to think about when booking a family holiday. You want everyone to be happy with the British holiday you choose. That’s why our website is like a holiday shop, you can choose from over forty static caravan parks in five different counties all along the East Coast.

Last minute static caravan holidays

Of course, you then have the important job of choosing the right static caravan for you and your family too. We have a wide range of static caravan holidays to offer guests and we hope you come back to us year after year. After all we do have some great static caravan holidays in great locations. With over half the UK caravans for hire that are dog friendly makes for a great holiday choice with your dog. Furthermore, we have a special offer on static caravan holidays with dogs. Save 15% off very easily by just typing in the discount code.

Static caravan sites

There are many static caravan sites along the East Coast. From all the way down from Steeple Bay Holiday Park up to Skipsea Sands Caravan Site. So, from Essex up to Yorkshire we have a varied range of static caravan holidays to offer you. On all different static caravan sites. Some static caravan sites are small and don’t have any entertainment, these independent caravan sites such as the Lees Caravan Park in Hunstanton are popular for guests too. Some guests like static caravan holidays and just want to be by the beach and just get away from the normal routine of life. We see that many couples without children find the smaller static caravan sites appealing. Couples’ breaks are ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Additionally, many couple breaks are with dogs too. Which of course we can accommodate couples breaks with dogs also.

Static caravan Holiday Parks

The other types of static caravan sites we have static caravans for hire are on the other scale, they are big caravan sites. These larger static caravan sites have swimming pools, play parks, and evening entertainment. The larger static caravan sites are more often than not used by families wanting their children to have a great caravan experience. On the static caravan sites where there is so much to do. The children are entertained all day long and the parents relaxed because the children are happy! In between the smaller static caravan sites and the enormous ones, fall the medium sized static caravan sites and we have plenty of those too. For example, Sunnydale caravan park has enough to do but a quieter caravan site.

Static caravan parks

The static caravan parks we have static caravan for hire are owned by various companies, including Haven, Park dean and Park Holidays. All the large static caravan parks are just amazing in offering a great British holiday. British holidays at their best belong to these static caravan parks. Some of the static caravan parks offer even more things for children to experience now, like rock climbing and sports facilities such as archery. Did you know some static caravan parks also have fishing lakes?

Fishing at UK Holiday Parks

Yes, Sunnydale caravan park and Southview are just a few static caravan parks that have stunning fishing lakes. It’s great when you see family breaks with everyone fishing. And that’s what it’s all about at the static caravan parks, creating memories! It’s all about spending time with family and having a UK staycation. With so many different locations to offer staycations on static caravan parks means the choice is huge.

Cheap Static Caravan Holidays 
Luxury Static Caravan Holidays

Static caravan holidays near me

We are fortunate we offer guests looking for cheap static caravan holidays in Skegness a range of caravans to choose from. cheap static caravan holidays in Skegness start from just eighty pounds for a family of six. We have some great last-minute breaks for 2 nights to offer you this month. For example, we have 4 static caravans for hire that are new to us. One static caravan is dog friendly, and the rest are not. Three of the static caravans have double glazing and central heating too. There is one cheap static caravan that has decking and a patio area. There are two static caravans for hire that are 8-berth caravans. A good selection of cheap static caravan holidays in Skegness and you can book now for this month.

Holidays in Skegness

Skegness is a great place for all action break and the static caravan sites near to Skegness, such as Southview and Sunnydale. They are brilliant caravan sites to enjoy a cheap static caravan holiday. You may want to be quick! Usually, cheap static caravan holidays in Skegness are snapped up very quickly as the area is so popular for guests wanting a British break. Did you know we are open 6 days a week? You can email or call us if you prefer not to book a static caravan online. Maybe you have questions, and we are all happy to help.

Seawick holiday park

We have several different promotions throughout the month on static caravan holidays. This month we are concentrating on the Essex areas currently. Live near the city and want a relaxing weekend away? Book a holiday in Seawick Holiday Park for a coastal holiday. Additionally, we have St Osthys Holiday Park near Clacton too where we have cheap static caravans for hire. In fact, in the promotion this week we have 4 cheap static caravans at Seawick Holiday Park and St Osyths too. The cheap static caravans start from eighty pounds for a family of six. Additionally, for an 8-berth caravan at Seawick Holiday Park is a little more. Furthermore, we have a dog friendly caravan that is just over a hundred pounds for a great staycation.

These are great examples of cheap static caravans by the seaside in Essex. We have a review of this caravan site in Essex of a family who booked two cheap static caravans.

Review of a stay at Seawick Holiday Park

“Thanks for giving us a great holiday at Seawick Holiday Park. Booking 2 cheap static caravans was easy and we were pleased with the condition of the static caravan. Seawick Holiday Park had everything including great entertainment and large swimming pools. We would recommend Seawick Holiday Park again to friends and family. The static caravan’s holiday we had in July were just brilliant. Luckily, we had great weather, so we spent the day on the beach too! We really couldn’t ask for much more and have booked our 2023 holiday here again. Thanks again for the voucher also that saved us quite a lot of money off our holidays for 2023.

Cheap static caravan holidays

If you want to be inland a little and prefer a woodland holiday what about caravan hire in Norfolk at Kelling Heath? You won’t be disappointed. Although it is in a woodland area it is still near to the seaside. Both parks are stunning and are very popular for static caravan holidays in the UK. Kelling heath in Norfolk is near some of the prettiest parts of Norfolk. This week we have a caravan at Kelling Heath on our cheap static caravan holidays page. We have had a last-minute cancellation and you will get great deal on this static caravan at Kelling Heath. Last minute cancellations don’t happen very often especially at Kelling Heath.

Kelling Heath Holiday Park

Additionally, there is a great day out this weekend near Kelling Heath. The North Norfolk railway are hosting a special event and you can explore Norfolk further when you go on the trains near Kelling Heath. So, if you are looking for a static caravan this weekend, you could get a great last minute deal on this static caravan at Kelling Heath. We wanted to put a review about someone who has enjoyed a static caravan holiday at Kelling Heath, and they have recently booked a UK holiday here for 2023.


“My family and I booked a static caravan at Kelling Heath, after hearing great things about this amazing caravan site in Norfolk. My son who was seven wanted to go on a train for his birthday. so, when we found North Norfolk railway was near to Kelling Heath, this seemed perfect. The train ride put a huge smile on my sons face and myself and husband enjoyed it too. Norfolk is so beautiful, and the train ride was so relaxing. Kelling Heath caravan site was out of this world. We saw squirrels galore and they would come into our garden areas. We biked for miles through the forest and enjoyed the swimming pool too! I would give Kelling Heath five stars for sure. I have booked to return to this brilliant Holiday Park to enjoy a static caravan holiday!

Just to add we were able to take our dogs to this static caravan at Kelling which was the most important thing for us. In fact, we have never had a holiday without our Irish setter ‘Milly’. She loves the forestry and coastal walks along the Norfolk beaches. Without a doubt she enjoyed the caravan holiday as much as we did. So, a great static caravan holiday all round in Norfolk. Just to add for any other dog owners that there are some beautiful walks around the nature trails at Kelling too.”