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Perks of a staycation

Many advantages of a staycation

Ditch the busy airports, long queues, changing currency and instead enjoy a UK holiday. There are so many advantages of a staycation and many people forget that you can have just as good of a holiday much closer to home. One of the real perks of a staycation is the time. Time is so precious and whether you’re popping on a short haul flight to Spain, you’re still looking at 5 hours of travel if not more!  You have to allow for traffic you have to be there at least 2 hours before the flight leaves and the plane doesn’t wait for you. Once through the stress travel and getting through security, you may just have enough time to enjoy an overpriced drink.

Staycation means no airports

Just avoid this hassle and enjoy a much more peaceful life where you can just hop in the car or catch a train to your desired destination in the UK. Other than reduced travel time, the UK boasts an abundance of beautiful landscapes and charming seaside towns. A huge number of our holiday homes are within easy reach of some of Britain’s finest traditional holiday resorts. I know the weather may not be as reliable as the Mediterranean but people have been flocking to the charming Victorian seaside towns such as Great Yarmouth for generations – and with amusements and arcades, you’ll find there’s plenty to do for everyone.

The bottom line is that a UK holiday saves huge amounts of money, undoubtedly take advantage of this and the sheer beauty and variety of destinations that the UK has to offer.

beach Days Out With Dogs

Starycation Ideas

Safe family holiday

Love the rules or loath them, UK laws and legislation ensures that your UK will be safe with our holiday parks and attractions providing a safe and secure environment for your family holidays. What with the current global economic crisis, a lot of us will find it hard to get away abroad, but rest assured, we have a bucket load of staycation ideas for you to spend your next holiday in the UK.

The UK loves pooches

One of the highlights of a staycation is that many holiday resorts and our accommodation welcomes your four-legged friends. The UK is like one huge playground to your beloved pooch, giving you even more reason to bring along your furry friend (or friends) on holiday with you.

Share your beach days with the pooch, and although the water temperature may not be the warmest, but the UK has some of the best beaches. It’s glorious sands makes for the perfect space for your doggo to run wild on the golden sands whilst the kids can be kept entertained building the ultimate sand castle and even a paddle in the sea on a summers day.

Many of our holiday homes are located on the coastline where after a long day of exploring the beach your accommodation will be just a short walk away. Looking for a doggy day out? Why not hire a boat exploring the canals on the Norfolk broad is perfect. You can bring your beloved pooch too! Sipping bears on the deck, bottle of wine and a picnic on the boat whilst taking in the stunning scenery. What could be better?

Living in the UK means that you probably have some great places to explore less than an hour from your front door. So a staycation in the UK offers plenty of choice, whatever your holiday style.

Staycation holidays

A staycation is ideal for reducing stress

Wondering whether to stay on the British shores for your next holiday? The UK is a must visit destination throughout the rest of the world, so make the most of this year and save yourself the worry of catching a flight in these unprecedented times with a staycation holiday in the UK.

Travel is often associated with the pressures to make the most of every minute you have there. In contrast, a staycation is ideal for reducing stress and spending quality time by yourself and with your family. There is nothing quite like a luxury staycation in the UK, and we have a great range of luxurious accommodation.

Soak up the sunshine on the golden beaches, discover craggy coastlines, the natural beauty of landscapes, explore quaint country villages and traditional pubs with its cobbled streets.

Luxury and relaxation

Staycations are the way to go, where you can step into the world of luxury and relaxation, getting away from everyday stress of life. Many of us enjoy sampling stunning scenery whilst abroad, but one of the best things about the UK is that was have some of the most beautiful landscapes ourselves, so there’s no need to travel great distances when it’s right on our doorstep. Why not visit the beautiful countryside and enjoy the fresh air. With so many benefits to staying in the UK for the holiday season, you’d be mad to not give it a go.

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