Terms & Conditions For Owners

All owners must complete an owner’s Rental Agreement before any rentals or marketing is carried out. We will only deal with the signatory on the rental agreement regarding the accommodation. Should an owner agree to rent out for the following year, the newest signed contract will continue on a rolling basis with any current and updated and current 2cHolidays Terms and Conditions to apply.

Use of your accommodation by you

2cHolidays market accommodations very pro-actively and through many different internet and social media platforms. We welcome owners to take breaks in their own holiday homes but we request that they notify us PRIOR to their stay. If dates have already booked on the online calendar, the owners’ stay will not be honoured. In the event of a holiday maker being moved to an alternate property, or having their holiday cancelled due to a double booking, there will be a fee of £100 per booking affected. Please use the login provided to block any dates for personal use. Calendars can only be blocked for long term use by the owner, when a minimum of 6 bookings have taken place.


2cHolidays will endeavour to advise the owner or any maintenance issues, at the time of being made aware. 2cHolidays will work with the owner to resolve the issue as quickly and conveniently as possible. In some instances, 2cHolidays may have to act on the owner’s behalf to ensure a problem or situation does not worsen, whilst attempting to contact the owner. Where a Rental Agreement has been marked that 2cHolidays can carry out repairs to the cost of £30 per incident, 2cHolidays will conduct this work to resolve the issue without disturbing the owner to gain authorisation. In some instances, a minimal admin fee will be applied.


Ultimate responsibility lies with the owner regarding any problems or issues that arise with an accommodation. This will include, but not be limited to, damage by flood, fire, weather or accidental or malicious intent by any persons. Owners must ensure they have adequate insurance to cover for rentals, which should include for any loss or repair required from any cause, by any means, and 2cHolidays will not be liable for any such claims. Owners must provide confirmation of valid insurance for rentals either by means of copy of insurance certificate, or in writing to 2cHolidays.

For more information on an insurance provider that offers cover for rentals – click here https://www.coastinsurance.co.uk/


2cHolidays will clean all properties on the day that guests depart. Where owners choose to clean their own property following guest stays, the standard must be kept to a high level. If complaints are received from guests regarding the cleanliness, 2cHolidays reserves to right to send cleaners into the property to put right the issue, and will charge the owner £50 for an emergency clean. If a booking must be moved or cancelled because of an insufficient clean by an owner, a £100 fee will be charged.

2cHolidays are not responsible for, or liable for, any personal belongings left in the property. Such items can include, but not be limited to, clothes, toiletries, ornaments, or any other personal items not necessary for the renting of the property.

Multi-agency advertising

Should the owner manage their holiday home on a multi-agent basis, the commission is increased to 20%. This creates more administration and a high risk of a double booking. Should a double booking arise, 2cHolidays MUST take priority over all other agents. Any bookings that have to be cancelled or moved to alternate accommodation will incur a penalty fee to the owner of £100 per booking affected.

If we have evidence to believe that confirmed bookings are at risk of cancellation due to owners advertising dates elsewhere, we reserve the right to withdraw our services and cancel the Rental Agreement. Should this occur, we are within our rights to charge £100 for every booking affected.

Terminating the contract

If the owner wishes to terminate their agreement, a notice period of 16 weeks applies. Any bookings in place after the 16-week period will levy a charge of £100 per booking not honoured by the owner. Cancellation of the agreement must be confirmed in writing by the owner. If 16 weeks’ notice is not given, this constitutes a breach of contract and leaves the owner liable for charges incurred to accommodate any bookings for the accommodation to elsewhere (whether at an alternative property with 2cHolidays or another company entirely). This includes, but is not limited to, a charge of £100 per booking already in place and not honoured, and the loss in commission to 2cHolidays for those bookings.

If the Agreement is cancelled before any bookings have been honoured, a fee of £200 will be due. This covers the cost of listing the property, including photography, administration and advertising. In extenuating circumstances, this fee may be waived, at the discretion of 2cHolidays.

2cHolidays are within their rights to terminate the agreement at any time. This right will not be exercised lightly and will apply in serious circumstances where there has been a breach in terms; if it is deemed there is a risk of them being breached or if there is uncertainty caused by the owner. If it is considered by 2cHolidays that there is a risk to the security of guest bookings already in place due to any breaches or uncertainty and 2cHolidays terminates the contract, 2cHolidays reserve the right, at their discretion, to apply the £100 charge for every booking that has to be cancelled or moved because of this termination of contract.

Guest information

2cHolidays are obliged to process personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act. This means we will comply with the data protection principle, therefore under no circumstances by law are we able to give out any information to owners regarding holiday makers details.



All digital photographs, graphics, logos, design, and textual content of 2cHolidays products and materials is the copyright of 2cHolidays, unless stated otherwise, and is protected by United Kingdom and international copyright laws. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify or re-publish materials, text, photographs or any other content marketed or owned by 2cHolidays without the prior written permission of 2cHolidays. All rights reserved.

Any breach of this copyright, 2cHolidays reserve the right in accordance with the UK Copyright Law and the Design & Patents Act, to charge £50 per breach per occurrence in any means and by any persons. Invoices for breaches of copyright will be issued as soon as a breach has been detected and will need to be paid within 14 days.

2cHolidays reserves the right to use any or all photos taken of the property in marketing material and for advertising. Copyright of all photos remain the possession of 2cHolidays.