Thinking of buying a caravan

HAPPY NEW YEAR! From all of us at 2cholidays.  Another Christmas and New Year over. With 2023 here, why not start thinking of buying a caravan?

2022 was a very busy year for us at 2cholidays. Lots of bookings, many returning guests and new owners with caravans for hire, which have proven popular with our guests. We also have lots of new caravans for hire and lodges for rent about to go live on our website for 2023. Therefore,  if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a UK holiday we have a huge choice.

2cholidays is a small independent letting agent and has over 600 caravans for hire. All our holiday lettings are in East Anglia and Yorkshire. We rent out caravans, lodges and cottages. Each and every one of our holiday homes we hire to you. You will be able to book safely online or call our friendly bookings team to book your 2023 holiday.

We are a online holiday lettings company based in Swaffham in Norfolk and we have a team of 10 looking after caravan owners and holiday makers looking for a caravan to rent or lodge to hire. Here at 2cHolidays have a handful of holiday cottages in Norfolk and Suffolk as well.

Buying a caravan 

We always like to meet our caravan, lodge and cottage owners in person and go through everything we have to offer. We also like to grade the property and go through safety checks with the caravan owner. As well as, ensuring there are sufficient smoke alarms and a gas safety certificate is present. These checks vital and without them we wouldn’t rent out your caravan. The safety of the guest is paramount as I am sure you will understand.

We don’t charge any additional costs for taking photos of your caravan to rent. We even pay to get the photos at their best. At 2cHolidays, we all know how important property photos are and we know the photos can really capture the best of your caravan to rent.

Rent with us

If you thinking of buying a caravan we can offer you impartial advice. As a caravan owner myself with quite a few caravans I understand the process of buying a caravan. I can help with any queries or questions you would have. Buying a caravan is a huge step, you can email me or give me a call and I am always happy to help. Even if you don’t want to rent your caravan with us at 2cholidays advice costs nothing and I really don’t mind.

If you are thinking of buying a caravan in Norfolk, I would be happy if I have availability to let you do what’s known as a try buy. That is trying out a caravan break before buying a caravan. Caravans are brilliant for so many reasons. When you buy a caravan there are more positives than you initially think. However, you don’t realise by owning your own caravan how nice it is to pack up the car on a Friday and go. Your own caravan is like home from home.

Rent your caravan

You don’t realise how much your children will grow in confidence by all the entertainment that certain holiday parks offer. All the dances and opportunities to get up on stage. I bought a caravan over ten years ago therefore, I can honestly say that we enjoyed the whole process of being a caravan owner. As a result of, now I am lucky enough to rent out owners caravans all over East Anglia and see new caravan owners buy their very own caravans.

Let me know if you are thinking of buying a caravan and want to be a caravan owner in 2023. We are open 6 days a week and we do have our guide to renting with us on our website for those who would like to consider renting out their holiday home.

We always love to meet our caravan owners. Here at 2cHolidays, we have a professional camera, therefore, within a week of meeting you we will be able to proceed with putting your caravan or holiday home on our website ready for bookings. It really that easy to rent out your caravan with us. New caravan owners are often surprised how easy the process is. The process of buying a caravan is actually very simple when you have help. We are here to support caravan owners and hope we can help you in 2023 rent your holiday home.