Toddler Toys

Toddler Toys

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your little ones, and that includes the toys they play with. Toddler toys are an essential part of their growing years as they help improve their coordination, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

There are so many toy options available that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. From learning tables to musical instruments, to simple wooden blocks, toddler toys come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find something that your child will enjoy.

The key is to choose toys that are safe, age-appropriate, and offer a chance for hands-on exploration and discovery. With the right toddler toys, you can help your child have fun while learning and growing.

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Toddler Toys

Best Toddler Toys

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. And, when it comes to toys, you want to provide them with something fun and educational at the same time! Toddlerhood is a crucial period of development where children’s minds are like sponges and absorb knowledge rapidly. So, it is essential to select the right toys for your toddler that can boost their creativity, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities. In this blog post, we have rounded up the best toddler toys that are not only fun but also promote learning and growth in your little one!

Shape Sorter

A shape sorter is a great toy for toddlers that helps teach basic shapes, colours, and hand-eye coordination. They will be thrilled to match the shapes with the corresponding holes and receive positive feedback.

Play Kitchen

Toddlers love role-playing, and a play kitchen is the perfect toy to bring out their inner chef! It not only encourages imaginative play, but also helps toddlers understand the concepts of food, cooking, and even cleaning up.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are a classic toy that can be used in various ways. Toddlers can stack them to create structures, knock them down, or even use them as a platform for other toys. Moreover, building blocks can help teach toddlers the basics of balance and stability.

Musical Instruments

Music is a great tool for cognitive development, and toddlers love to make noise! Musical instruments like drums, xylophones, and shakers can be a fun way to introduce kids to music and rhythm. Plus, making music can also teach hand-eye coordination and even language skills.


Puzzles are a useful tool for developing fine motor skills, spatial recognition and critical thinking in toddlers. You can opt for simple picture puzzles or more complex patterns as per your child’s age and ability.

Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are full of energy and enthusiasm, and providing them with outdoor toys that are both fun and educational can be a great way to keep them entertained and help them learn. From ride-on toys to water tables, there are plenty of options out there to make your toddlers’ outdoor playtime more exciting and engaging. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the best outdoor toys for toddlers in 2021 to help you find the perfect pick for your little ones.

Ride-on Toy

Ride-on toys are a classic pick for outdoor playtime for toddlers. Options like balance bikes, tricycles, and scooters are great for developing gross motor skills and coordination, as well as building confidence. The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is a popular choice for its lightweight design and adjustable seat. The Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle is another great option for its sturdy steel frame and removable push handle.

Climbing and Sliding

Toddlers love to climb and slide, and outdoor play structures can provide the perfect opportunity for them to do so safely. The Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climber is a great pick for toddlers, featuring easy-to-climb steps and a gentle slope slide. Another option is the Step2 Clubhouse & Climber, which has multiple climbing surfaces and a lookout area for imaginative play.

Sports and Games

Introducing toddlers to sports and games at a young age can help develop their coordination and social skills. T-ball sets, basketball hoops, and bean bag toss games are all great options. The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is a popular pick, featuring an adjustable hoop and oversized ball. The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Toss and Catch Game is another fun and colorful choice for young toddlers.

Bubble Toys

Bubbles are a classic childhood activity that never gets old. Bubble machines and wands can provide lots of outdoor entertainment for toddlers, as well as encourage hand-eye coordination and visual tracking skills. The Little Tikes Bubble Machine is a durable and easy-to-use option, while the Joyin Bubble Wand Set offers a variety of shapes and sizes for different bubble creations.

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Toddler Garden Toys

As parents, we all want our children to spend more time outdoors and have fun while doing so. One great way to do this is by getting them some garden toys! For toddlers especially, the garden can be a great place to learn and play. It’s important to choose the right toys though, as safety is always a priority. In this post, we’ll go through the top 5 garden toys for your toddler.

Water Table

These are a great way for your toddler to have some messy fun. They can play with different water toys, pouring water and making a splash. It’s a great way for them to learn about cause and effect, and can be used on hot days to cool down. Make sure to choose a stable table and always supervise your child around water.


Sandpits are perfect for imaginative play, as children can build and create anything they like. It’s a great sensory experience for toddlers, as they can feel and touch the sand. Make sure to choose a sandpit with a lid to keep it clean and avoid any animals getting in.

Garden Slide

If you’ve got a larger garden, a slide can be a great way to keep your toddler active. They’ll enjoy going up and down, and it’s also good exercise. Make sure to choose a slide that’s sturdy and has safety rails.

Mini Trampoline

A mini trampoline can be lots of fun, and it’s perfect for improving your toddler’s balance and coordination. You can get ones with handles for extra stability, and it’s a great way to burn off energy. Make sure to choose a trampoline that’s suitable for the age and weight of your child.

Balance Bike

If your toddler is ready for their first bike, a balance bike can be a great way to start. They can learn to balance and steer, and it’s a good way to get them ready for a pedal bike. Choose a bike with adjustable handles and seat, and always make sure they’re wearing a helmet.

Toddler Bath Toys

Bath time is a fun bonding activity for parents and toddlers alike. Little ones love splashing around in the water, playing with bubbles, and of course, their bath toys. Choosing the right bath toys for your toddler is crucial in making bath time enjoyable and helping them develop different skills. Whether your little one loves musical toys, stacking cups, or squirt toys, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best toddler bath toys that will keep them entertained while they get squeaky clean.

Squirt Toys

Squirt toys are a classic bath time favorite for toddlers. These toys can take on different shapes and characters such as animals, cars, or even sports equipment. Your little one can even use them as bath time tools to help wash themselves. Squirt toys are great for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and hand strength.

Stacking Cup

Stacking cups are a versatile and inexpensive toy that can be used for both playtime and bath time. Toddlers can stack them up, knock them down, and fill them up with water. These cups also come with different sizes and textures that allow your little one to learn about size and volume which are essential for developing early math skills.

Bath Books

Bath books are a great way to introduce your toddler to reading and learning while they take their baths. These books are made of waterproof and durable materials that can withstand splashes and occasional submersion in water. Bath books come with colourful pictures and simple storylines that capture your little one’s attention while they learn about different concepts such as animals, numbers, and colours.

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Benefits of Toddler Toys

As parents, we always want to give our children the best possible start in life. It’s no secret that toddlers are little bundles of energy, constantly on the move and eager to explore the world around them. That’s why toys are such an important part of any toddler’s life. Not only do they provide endless hours of fun and entertainment, but they also have a wealth of developmental benefits for our little ones. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of toddler toys and why playtime is so essential for your child’s growth and development.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

One of the most important benefits of toddler toys is their ability to help develop our little ones’ fine motor skills. From stacking blocks to manipulating puzzle pieces, playing with toys that require a certain level of precision and dexterity can help strengthen hand-eye coordination and improve dexterity. This is critical in developing the necessary skills for writing, drawing, and other everyday tasks.

Enhancing Problem-Solving Abilities

Toddler toys that involve puzzles or require thinking and problem-solving skills are excellent for enhancing cognitive development. Toys such as shape-sorters, cause-and-effect toys, and building blocks can help develop critical thinking skills by challenging toddlers to think through problems and develop solutions.

Encouraging Social Interaction

Playing with toys is not only crucial for individual learning but also an opportunity for social interaction between children. Playing with friends or siblings can encourage socialization and communication skills, as well as promote sharing and team-building skills. Toys that encourage imaginative play can also be instrumental in developing social and emotional skills.

Stimulating Creativity and Imagination

Toddler toys can help stimulate creativity and imagination by exposing children to different experiences, textures, and shapes. Toys that allow for free play, such as art materials and musical instruments, open children up to new creative expressions, while also boosting their self-confidence and self-expression.

Promoting Language and Communication Skills

Playing with toys can also help toddlers develop their language and communication skills. Toys such as play kitchens, dolls, and simple board games require social interaction and verbal communication, allowing for the development of language and communication. Children can also use toys to learn new words, practice expressive communication, and improve their understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication.