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UK Holidays 2022

2021 saw a dramatic uplift in staycations. UK Holidays 2022 are set to be unquestionably popular again. At the start of 2021 we were well into another national lockdown. Despite domestic holidays being disrupted, people were still booking staycations with the focus being on July and August, in hope that these summer breaks would be allowed. The 22nd of February 2021 saw PM Boris Johnson announced a ‘roadmap’ to ease lockdown measures. This announcement saw us all scramble to booking pages to book a getaway. April breaks surged by a massive 284%. July and August bookings over doubled as we all looked to discover what’s on our doorstep.

YouGov Poll

According to a YouGov poll only 1 in 3 UK travellers are looking to travel abroad leaving the rest of us taking staycations here in the UK. Undoubtedly this will see a boost to the seasonal economy often found around out coastal resorts. It has also been found that up to 73% of us will choose to continue to holiday in the UK after Coronavirus has settled. With over 11’000 miles of coastline the UK has something for everyone. Obviously not all this coastline is accessible with some being dramatically rocky. It should be noted that it is not just the coast we head to when booking our UK holiday.

Without a doubt city breaks have always been popular however as we emerged from lockdown online searches for city breaks were up by 311%. According to searches made London, Edinburgh and Manchester were our top three choices for city breaks in 2021. Importantly accommodation owners have adapted to the ‘Covid’ way of life and introduced measure to ensure everyone’s safety. One change we have seen implemented across many accommodations is the introduction of self-check in. Many properties will have a key safe placed outside, so you are able to allow yourself in at your leisure. This concretes how stress free a UK holiday can be compared to international travel.

Platinum Jubilee 2022

2022 is a historic year for the UK. Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. 1952 saw a young Princess Elizabeth on a tour of Kenya told her father had passed and that she had become Queen. That sad day saw her life change forever as she dedicated her life to a life of service to the country. 70 years have passed since then and HRH The Queen is still serving the country at the grand age of 95.

To celebrate this anniversary events will take place throughout the year, culminating in a four day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June. This extended bank Holiday will provide an opportunity for communities to come together and celebrate this historic milestone. Without a doubt many of the UK’s holiday parks and resorts will be celebrating in style. Book your break now and join the party.

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Caravan Holidays Uk
Uk Holidays 2022

Caravan Holidays UK

Caravan holidays UK have been a part of traditional seaside life for over a century. It should be noted that the caravan had humble beginnings as a means of transporting goods from the 15th century onwards, to forming a thriving and rapidly developing sector of the travel and leisure industry today. Following this the first recognisable form of the caravan was introduced in the 19th Century. The first ‘luxury caravan’ was developed by a Dr William Gordon Stables in 1885. It was constructed of mahogany and maple wood and named ‘The Wanderer’.

Caravan Club

Measuring just 5.5 metres in length on its maiden voyage from Berkshire to Inverness it somehow manged to transport a bookcase, china cabinet and a piano inside. Popularity grew so much the Caravan Club was established in 1907. The following ‘war years’ saw a slow in caravan manufacture due mainly to petrol rationing. Nevertheless, post war years saw a boom time for caravanning.

Helping the industry take off was the launch of the ‘Streamlite Rover’ – a forerunner to the world famous ‘Sprite’ model. Developed in 1948 using lighter, cheaper materials this new caravan type moved from box like vans to fully equipped vehicles with kitchens, multi rooms and showers. This affordability meant caravans could be used for shorter weekends and more frequent trips were possible.

Holiday Parks UK

Unquestionably the petrol shortages of the post War years saw more caravans being sited as ‘static’. This meant the unofficial sites of farmers fields becoming permanent. Following this, laws were changed forcing many sites to close or upgrade with better road systems, landscaping, and toilet blocks. The static caravan was born, getting longer, wider and sites started to plumb in water. The 1950’s saw a boom in static caravan holidays as the masses were now able to hire vans especially by the sea.

By the end of the decade parks realised they could earn more by building shops on site meaning guests spent their money on site. Following this, parks started to introduce outdoor swimming pools and clubhouses with entertainment laid on. Unquestionably the 1960s saw a vast improvement of parks with full plumbing for the larger and better equipped holiday homes. Shower blocks were now available and the loo blocks much improved.

Caravans and Lodges

By the 1970s holiday caravan owners demanded more from the parks. Main’s sewage, as well as electrics were introduced making the caravan very much a home away from home. Holiday caravan hire was big business in the 70’s especially in seaside areas. The parks on the south and east coasts saw masses of statics introduced in neat rows as we know them today.

The 1980s saw the toilet blocks relegated to the touring field as showers and electrics were becoming standard fit in static homes. Caravan manufacturers started working with parks directly, often designing exclusive models for them. Without a doubt the 1990s saw parks becoming what we know them today. Lodges have become the popular option to hire with added extras like WiFi, Decking and Hot Tubs included we are now light years away from the humble beginnings of farmers’ fields.

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Beach Holidays UK

Beach holidays UK have become a traditional staple in all our lives. Absolutely nothing says British holiday like a day on the beach with your bucket and spade. Despite being an island nation the idea of The Great British seaside holiday only really began in the 18th century.  People moved from ‘taking the waters’ at inland spas to the newly fashionable alternative of bathing in the sea.

Fast forward to the post war years, the 1950s and 1960s saw the Great British seaside holiday came into its heyday. Holidays were now affordable to the masses thanks to paid annual leave. Destinations of choice depended on where you lived. For example, if you lived in the north-east Blackpool or Morecombe would be your resort of choice. In contrast if you lived in London then Brighton or Margate would be ideal.


Holiday camps, such as that featured in the TV sitcom ‘Hi-Di-Hi’, became popular in post war Britain. These parks like Butlins and Pontins offered family entertainment and activities for the equivalent of an average mans weekly pay. It should be noted the seaside of today hasn’t strayed too much from the 1950s and 60s. A walk down the promenade would find shops selling rock, postcards and buckets.

Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park

One of our parks in particular is a cornerstone in British seaside history. Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth was founded and opened by John Fletcher Dodd in 1906. Established in the (very large) garden of Fletcher Dodd, it offered the poor a chance to sample the delights of a seaside holiday. Starting off with bell tents and beds of straw the camp expanded, with wooden huts added to the accommodation options, but for years strict rules remained in place.

Campers had to wear camp badges, lights had to be out by 11:30pm. Loud talking after 11pm was a no, bathers had to wear regulation costumes and babies and alcohol were banned. Between 1939 and 1946 the site was taken over by the military to house Second World War prisoners. The post war years saw the park flourish with rules easing. The Ladbroke’s group purchased the park in the 1970s and introduced new accommodation. A range of bars and cabaret entertainment were also introduced. Along with this the park welcomed sporting heroes and royalty, with the Prince of Wales visiting every year from 1984 to 1992.

Adventure Village

Throughout the years the park has passed through a succession of owners including Warner, Mecca, and Rank, which introduced the Haven Holidays name. Bourne Leisure acquired Rank in 2000 and still owns the park – now officially known as Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park. In contrast to its humble beginnings Caister has had an amazing transformation. Accommodation options now range from Vans to Lodges to Deck Houses. In contrast to the PT classes and donkey races of late guest can now expect an Adventure Village with 4×4 Off-roaders, segways and Aerial Adventure Courses. We have many properties on Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park, check out our park page and book today.

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Family Holidays UK

Family Holidays UK have been popular since the 1950s. Unquestionably British family seaside holidays are synonymous with holiday camps. Holiday camps became so celebrated that the BBC commissioned the classic sit-com ‘Hi-Di-Hi’. Set on the fictional Maplins Holiday Camp, Essex the show followed the comedic adventures of Ted, Spike, Gladys and the other Yellow Coats. A standout character was the downtrodden but ever smiley Peggy Ollerenshaw played by the legendary Su Pollard. The show unquestionably cemented our love of holiday parks as a nation.

Butlins Skegness

Without a doubt the inspiration for Maplins would have been drawn from the many Butlins Parks which once dotted the coastline. Butlins has become synonymous with family holidays since the 1930s. Billy Butlin opened his first park in Skegness on 11 April 1936, a former travelling showman he knew a spectacle would garner attention. With this in mind he enlisted Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia to open the gates. Within a year the park had doubled in size and within two years Billy chose Clacton-on-Sea for his second park. The Holiday Park heyday of the 50s and 60s saw Billy grow his estate with park in Ayr, Pwellheli, Bogner Regis, Minehead and Barry Island. Importantly Barry wasn’t the only island that Butlins appeared on, Billy saw a gap in the market and opened Butlins Bahamas in the late 50’s.

Red Coats

Unquestionably the 50’s and 60’s introduced the family fun entertainments we know and love today including indoor all-weather pools, chairlifts, monorails and even rotating bars. Fast forward to the late 1980s and we saw Butlins getting a refresh with the famous Red Coats receiving makeovers from Dame Zandra Rhodes. With the increased popularity in international travel the 70’s and 80’s saw a downturn in British holidays, this caused Butlins to close all but three of their parks.

The late 90’s saw the iconic ‘Skyline Pavillions’ built on Skegness, Minehead and Bogner Regis to cater for the unpredictable British weather. The new millennium saw a new lease of life for Butlins with revamps across all parks, new water worlds built, spas introduced, and Hotels built on site. Butlins is without a doubt are parks designed with families in mind and offer everything from the fun of the fair to chart topping acts.

Southview Holiday Park

Butlins offers day passes for the parks so even if you are staying off site you can come and enjoy the fruits of Billy Butlins labour. Book a stay on the already entertainment fuelled Southview Holiday Park and come along for the day. With over 20 properties on Southview, you are spoilt for choice for an ideal break away. In addition to superb properties Southview has lots going on to keep you entertained. Just 10 mins from Skegness beach this park has recently had a £550K investment. With a high ropes course, trampoline course, covered outside entertainment venue and much more, Southview is the ideal family resort. Book today with a low deposit of just £25.

Lodge Holidays UK

Without a doubt lodge holidays have become increasingly popular. We saw an increase of 460% in 2021 compared to 2019. This has been fuelled by national lockdowns forcing families apart. The urge to get together and enjoy family life has become more apparent in the last 18 months. Indeed, whole family holidays have become so popular we have seen an increase in the number of lodges, cottages and apartments appearing on the lettings market. Holiday parks have increased the number of lodges on site meaning we can all holiday together rather than on separate parts of the park.

During the summer of 2021, the lettings industry saw an increase in bookings of 8 or more guests by 188%. Clearly we were all enjoying being able to spend together after the long lockdown of early 2020. Book your whole family holiday today. 2cHolidays has loads of properties which will sleep over 8 people meaning you can bring Mum, Dad, Brothers, Sister, Aunties and Uncles along. Ranging from caravans to lodges to whole houses we have something to suit all budgets and group size.

Dana Lodge

Unquestionably one of our most luxe properties is Dana Lodge. This wooden cabin set on the beautiful Pentney Lakes Park sleeps 14 people so you can enjoy spending lots of time together. Designed to be a social house, you will not be disappointed with all it has to offer. Differing from our other properties this cabin has its own heated, covered swimming pool and not one but two hot tubs for you to use. The enclosed garden makes it ideal for a big family bbq where you can all celebrate being together. No need to travel to a spa when you at dana, head to the annexe and you will find a sauna and massage chair ready and waiting for you. Sit back enjoy the heat then relax as the chair massaged away those stresses and strains.


Cottage holidays have increased by over 300% since 2020. What better way to spend a weekend away than cosying down in front of the wood burner at your own cottage. We have the ideal cottage for you, Ebenezer Cottage set in the heart of rural Norfolk is a converted Chapel. Walking into the chapel is like walking into an interior design magazine. The quality of design here is second to none. Details to note are areas of original stonework, the beautiful handmade armchair made from a reclaimed bathtub and the pew style seating in the kitchen, a nod to the property’s former life.

Cosy blankets, a wood burner, and a hamper of hot chocolate awaits you on arrival. Snuggle down and enjoy the luxurious surroundings of Ebenezer Chapel. Book today for a low £25 deposit.

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Lodge Holidays Uk