Used caravans for sale

Used caravans for sale

We often get caravan owners who have rented their caravans out with us, and their circumstances change. They want to sell their used caravan and we offer to advertise their privately owned caravan for sale. We make a small charge to owners who have been renting their caravans with us. We put their caravan for sale on our website. All the caravans for sale are used caravans for sale.

Used Caravans For Sale Near Me 

Used caravans for sale UK

Currently we have caravans for sale at California Cliffs and at Haven Hopton. Additionally, we have caravans for sale at Carlton Meres Holiday Park in Suffolk. All great caravan parks in the UK. The prices of used caravans for sale are very competitive. After advertising and uploading used caravans for sale onto our for-sale page. We get many inquiries for the caravans for sale in Norfolk and Suffolk especially. We will pass the inquiries on to the owners of the caravan, or we can get the caravan sale staff to help show potential owners at the Holiday Parks. The sales staff at all caravan parks in my opinion are very helpful and go through everything thoroughly.

Used static caravans for sale

Are you thinking about buying a used static caravan? For many buyers wanting to test their toe in the water, buying a used static caravan is a great option. The Used static caravans for sale are available in parts of the UK from as little as £8k. So, the used static caravans for sale are reasonable, considering you can go on a caravan holiday whenever you like. The caravan parks themselves usually have a sales team on each park. Moreover, the sales teams are very helpful and will assist you in showing you around used static caravans for sale. Additionally, if you decide to buy a static caravan, there are sometime additional perks. For example, you may get a card that gives you discounts off amenities.

Cheap used caravans for sale

Of course, on some Holiday Parks you will be invited to owner exclusive events. Early swim sessions and wine tasting nights too. There is so much more than just buying a cheap used static caravan for sale. You are buying a lifestyle. Take holidays and breaks in your static caravan whenever you like. The UK is such a beautiful country and so many caravan parks in the most scenic areas of the UK. It’s no wonder why buying a used static caravan is a great option for everyone.

Harvey Longsons

A great place where you browse many used static caravans for sale is a website called Harvey Longsons. Harvey Longsons sells used caravans for sale as well as new caravans for sale. Their customer service is brilliant. They are knowledgeable when you’re looking at buying a used caravan. Harvey Longsons covers a broad spectrum of the UK. Our own website is great if you are looking to buy used caravans for sale along the East Coast.

Used Caravans For Sale Uk 

Used caravans for sale near me

Caravans for sale in Norfolk especially by the coast are very popular. We will always offer the new purchaser of the private caravan for sale our full management services in renting with us. And help in renting their static caravan out once they have purchased their static caravan. We will market the privately owned caravan and take photos with our professional camera. This is free of charge, and we will list the caravan they have purchased with no admin charges at all.

Rent your caravan out

We aim to provide 5-star customer service to caravan owners and to guests. You may ask how we can do this. When guests book, we send them a confirmation and a welcome letter for the holiday they have ahead. Offering great services to both owners and holiday makers. We will then call the guests nearer the time of arrival of their holiday to make sure they have everything ready for their holiday. We offer an out of hours number for guests who book a holiday with us too. So, if they have any questions or concerns whilst they are on holiday, they can reach us. Making the holiday experience second to none. After they have been on their holiday, we will send them a £50 voucher to come back and stay with us again on a three-night minimum stay and dates of their choice.

Thinking of buying a caravan?

So, if you’re thinking of buying a caravan in Norfolk, Suffolk, or Essex we can assist you in help covering your site fees. Look on our google reviews or our rent with us page. See what other caravan owners have said about us when renting their caravan out. Thinking of buying a caravan, be it used static caravans for sale or a brand-new caravan? Get in touch and we can give you impartial advice. Did you know since starting 2cHolidays we have never put our rental fees up nor the commission rate? Are you worried about cleaning your caravan? Don’t be. We can organize all the cleaning and maintenance of your caravan out too. Furthermore, we will support you as much as we can if you buy a static caravan.

Rent with 2cHolidays

If you want a brochure sent to you if you are thinking of buying a caravan. This is no problem you are under no pressure. We will send you the information of renting with us and then the rest is up to you. Additionally, we pay our caravan owners three times a year with a full and comprehensive statement sent to you too. We pay caravan owners in February, June, and October, in line with any bills you may have to do with your static caravan.