Weekend breaks in England

Weekend breaks in England

Looking for weekend breaks in England? Whether you prefer a few days in the woodlands, a trip to the seaside or a relaxing countryside escape or a family weekend break in England, our range of accommodation offers the best of each for great prices. Weekend breaks are perfect, in a setting where you can rejuvenate the body and soul. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery from the busy and chaotic life. With a weekend break in England you can really unwind and enjoy a stress -free break away. Get that fresh sea breeze as you take a trip to the seaside. Or unwind in a tranquil rural setting.

Whatever you need from a weekend breaks in England, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to treat a loved one, your partner to a relaxed weekend away or need to burn the kid’s energy off. Then treat your family to a weekend break in England. They’ll be sure to love it. The caravan parks always have a positive and happy faces all on breaks in the UK. Everyone’s always on holiday aren’t they! I know i am!

Short breaks England

With rising costs of holidays abroad and the hassle of packing and getting to the airport a short break in England has never been more appealing. Escape to the east of England to East Anglia where you can endure a short break in England. We know you deserve a short break in England, and so do you. A short break in England is perfect for those who can’t find time for a long weekend away or simple just need a change in scenery. Enjoy a short break in England by the East Anglia coastline. Think seaside, I’m thinking stick of rocks, candy floss, donkey rides, funfairs, sandcastles, ice creams, arcades and much more. If you’re looking for a family short break in England then a seaside holiday is the way to go.

Book a stay by the seaside town of Great Yarmouth. This traditional seaside town dates back to the Victorian period where it saw thousands of Brits get the train from the city to this fun-filled seaside town. Now it hosts not just a beach but an abundance of seaside activities. A short break in England by the seaside is bound to be a hit with the kids and the oldies too, reignite memories of a traditional seaside break and book a short break in England. Weekend breaks in England start from £80 in Great Yarmouth. Obviously in July and August prices go up a little.

Christmas breaks in England

Christmas is a fab time to get away and spend quality time with the family. Escape this Christmas with the family to a cosy cottage by the seaside or how about a luxurious log cabin. Christmas for many families is a special and often favorite time of the year. Everyone’s in good spirit, wrapping up presents singing all the Christmas songs and getting the little ones excited for father Christmas’ arrival, what better way to spend it than in one of our luxurious self-catering accommodations. Whether you’re looking to spend actual Christmas dates or a week before or after a Christmas break whenever you go will be a special time.

Book a Christmas break by the seaside, we have a cosy cottage by the seaside at Heacham just stone throw away from Heacham Beach. Get a fresh sea breeze and enjoy a beach stroll in the Christmas period, then head back to the cosy cottage, light the fire and enjoy a Christmas break in England. Spend quality time with the family this Christmas and enjoy a well-deserved stay at one of our self-catering accommodation. Christmas weekend breaks in England are available for 2 nights in December and January.

Bargain weekend breaks in England

Hunting for a bargain? I know I love a bargain and I’m sure you do. Nothing feels better when you know you’ve booked yourself a bargain weekend break in England. From bargain weekend breaks at the beach to a woodland retreat, with our fab deals you can secure yourself a bargain weekend break in England. A caravan holiday always feels like a bargain holidays already but with a 30% discount of these prices you know you’re getting your moneys’ worth and more. Weekend breaks are great too, for those who live busy life’s, struggling to escape work commitments or running the kids around. Bargain weekend break in England are the way to go. Whether your on a budget break or just love a bargain, you can save your pennies when book a bargain weekend in England in one of our self-catering accommodations.

We have over 300 private UK caravans for hire. Visit our website to book your perfect holiday.  It’s fair to say we have a huge amount of affordable UK caravans 4 hire. All caravans are privately owned by people who buy caravans and Lodges and want to rent them out to guests. We have many guests who book weekend breaks in England three or four times throughout the year. Weekend breaks at bargain prices why wouldn’t you book many British breaks. With so many stunning places to explore in the UK. With national parks and theme parks and zoos there is so much to do when enjoying a UK break. In fact we have had one guest who booked a monthly weekend breaks in England.

UK Caravans For Hire

We offer Private UK caravans for hire in Norfolk Suffolk Essex and Lincolnshire. The UK caravans for hire are mainly on holiday parks although some private caravan holidays are on private land and have no pools or entertainment. These quieter caravan parks for instance in Hunstanton we have private caravan holidays that we rent out that caravan owners. They purchased land and have put several UK Caravans for hire on a piece of land in Hunstanton. Now a great caravan park in Hunstanton. Furthermore like in Heacham we have the Jennings holiday park (see more) In Hunstanton we have the Lees holiday park (see more) where there are 10 Private caravan holidays and one Lodge in Hunstanton. A great range of dog friendly cheap caravans for rent all ten caravans in Hunstanton are available to book right by Hunstanton beach.

Another holiday park that was owned by a small company was Carlton meres was Carlton meres county park (see more) has now changed as a company called Park holidays. What a stunning caravan park in Suffolk too.  Park holidays has done the park some real justice and the whole park is a perfect place to enjoy a holiday. If you enjoy a fishing break Carlton meres holiday park offers several lakes to fish in, but make sure you get your fishing license first. Carlton meres holiday park would make for a great weekend breaks in England.

UK Caravans 4 Hire

Caravan holidays in Norfolk is where 2cholidays started marketing their Caravan holidays in Norfolk. I have been extremely busy but has spread to the other beautiful counties nearby to rent privately owned caravans in Norfolk Suffolk Essex and Lincolnshire . I guess you never know where we may go to in 2023. Watch this space! If you’re a customer looking for cheap caravans for rent you may like to see our range of UK caravans 4 hire we offer. Furthermore not only do we have cheap caravans for rent. We offer platinum sea view lodges on premium pitches on UK holiday parks. So you really get everything you could possible look for on our website and we are so proud to offer such a wide range of UK caravans for hire.

With over 320 UK caravans 4 hire in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Lincolnshire. We like to offer as much to our guests as we possible can. So we offer a 2 night stay in our affordable owned UK caravans for hire with just a £25 deposit. When you book a UK caravan 4 hire after you pay the balance you don’t have to pay the balance until 6 weeks before you arrive on your caravan holiday. In fact the deposit comes off the balance too. Furthermore we don’t actually take a damage deposit when you book a UK caravan 4 hire with us. Importantly we send you a voucher after you have enjoyed a caravan holiday with us.

Its absolutely brilliant that you can go on holiday and get a fifty pound voucher to return. This is to reward guests who look after the caravan they have stayed in.

What is it like staying in a UK caravan 4 hire?

If you have not booked a UK caravan 4 hire then you may or may not already know that caravans for hire make for an effortless self-catering break, whether it’s just a couples break away or the whole family enjoying a family holiday. A typical UK caravan 4 hire has a spacious lounge dining area with seating and there will be an open plan kitchen with everything you will need for a self-catering stay. With so many choices of caravans 4 hire advertised online you will know what to expect in regards to the interior and contents of the caravans.

Don’t just listen to us, have a look at our reviews from guests. We have many reviews for UK caravans for hire that guests have stayed in many. Importantly many guests that have left reviews are from guests who had the first stay with us in a caravan. UK caravans for hire and perfect types of accommodation for weekend breaks in England. Especially on the Sunshine coast as its called by some, this is East Anglia. Remember you will get a voucher after your stay to say thanks for staying. Hopefully you will come back time and time again. We have a great loyalty scheme where you can actually get a free caravan holiday. See our loyalty scheme here.

Cheap weekend breaks in England

Primarily on our brilliant website you will find a complete range of UK caravans 4 hire and you can choose from over 32 holiday parks. Where these privately owned caravans are available to book.  UK caravans 4 hire come in all shapes and sizes and every caravan we hire is different in its own way. There are UK caravans 4 hire that sleep up to 10 guests. Furthermore we have UK caravans 4 hire that have lake views. More over we advertise UK caravans for hire that you can fish from the deck. Also a UK caravan for hire at Southview holiday park (see more) that you can overlook the beautiful fishing lakes.

Enjoy a fishing break from the comfort of your own decking. Sea views are popular, we have UK caravans 4 hire that have full sea views. You can imagine how popular the sea view caravans and lodges are.

This is a great opportunity to book a caravan on our website because you can pick the things that are important to your UK holidays. You can look at the park map to see where your UK caravan 4 hire is located. Whether you want to be close to the entertainment complex or out of the way, you have a great choice when choosing your UK caravan for hire. When you’re staying in a UK caravan for hire you will find that that the bathrooms often important to guests. In fact caravans  sometimes a bath too, and very often then is a separate en suite bathroom adjacent to the main bedroom. I think with 8 berth static caravans and family’s of eight like two toilets when they go on a caravan holiday. Making great cheap weekend breaks in England from £80.

Our Caravans are Graded

The UK caravans 4 hire that we have on our website are all graded, so you can choose by grade starting from a budget caravan which is a Topaz. Adversely up to a Diamond Plus grade. We have 6 grades of caravans in between Topaz and Diamond Plus, which are based on size, age and a range of extras they include. The extras on the UK caravan for hire include decking, veranda’s, heating in every room and luxury conveniences such as a dishwashers and flat screen TV’s. So when you book your UK caravan for hire with us, you will enjoy staying in a static caravan of your very own choice. Perfect for weekend breaks in England both Topaz and diamond graded caravans.

Quite often the UK caravans for hire that we have are really very home from home. Remember, you can book from just a two night stay in one of our UK caravans for hire. So if you want to go away for a short break to try a caravan holiday, now you can. We have 200 8 berth UK caravans for hire and over 100 6 berth UK caravans 4 hire. So plenty of choice for weekend breaks in England. Did you know in 6 and 8 berth caravans you can enjoy weekend breaks in England for just 2 nights. Furthermore you can check in on any day of the week. You may want to book a early check in or late check out.

Book these online or over the phone. Furthermore you may like to order bed linen when you book a caravan holiday. Of course you can bring your own linen if you prefer.

Dogs are Welcome in our UK Caravans 4 Hire

Out of the 300 UK caravans 4 hire we have 150 dog friendly caravans for hire. If you want to bring your dog on your caravan holiday then you can look for the dog friendly symbol when choosing your UK caravan 4 hire. So hopefully all the family can come and enjoy a UK caravan for hire and you will want to book again and again! There really is so much more to a UK caravan for hire, and that’s not even mentioning the pools and entertainment on many of the holiday parks. Weekend breaks in England with dogs are a great way to have a British holiday. We do have UK caravans 4 hire that will actually accept 4 dogs, if you have more than one dog. We do advertise these dog friendly caravans with a banner on the main picture.

Dog friendly caravan hire is extremely popular. Many caravan owners have dogs there selves and the caravans we hire are all ready to go for great dog holidays. Caravans are a great place to explore other areas in the UK with your dog. All caravan parks are always based in great places in England. Making great English holidays. Weekend breaks in England with your dog is a great option. With the dog friendly caravans available are so very affordable. Furthermore enjoy a 15% off all dog holidays. Additionally we do have dog friendly cottages for hire as well as caravans. Take a look on our ‘Holiday cottages’ page.

Caravans for sale

As well as offering a huge range of UK caravans 4 hire, you will find on our website our caravans for sale page, where we have some great caravans for sale too. We have caravan owners who want to sell their caravan and the caravans on our for sale page are competitive and quite often come equipped with everything you need to own a caravan. We often have caravans for sale from the holiday parks. The sales teams are very helpful with any questions you may have about owning your very own caravan. If you have a caravan for sale and looking to advertise your caravan for sale then you are welcome to get in touch. We can list your caravan for sale for a small fee on our website. If you need to book a caravan in order to looking for a caravan for sale we can help!

If you’re a caravan owner looking to rent your static caravan out. Or thinking of buying a static caravan? Then you might find our rent with us page very useful. You can download our rent with us brochure which tells you exactly how we will market your caravan. Furthermore what to expect when renting your caravan out with us. We will then get in touch with you to see if you would like to meet us to discuss renting out your static caravan. We can go through everything in greater detail. Very often the guests that book the UK caravans for hire we offer are very grateful to the owners of the caravans for letting them. Take a look at what other caravan owners have said about us. Many positive reviews from guests staying in a UK caravan 4 hire.