Haven weekend breaks

Hopton holiday village is a five star holiday park. Thevillage is set in Norfolk near Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. This amazing holiday park is in Norfolk is a very popular park for families and couples and not forgetting the golfers as it has a particularly fabulous golf cours. Many golfers have stayed for Haven weekend breaks.

Even the Haven funwork passes as a owner you are entitled to 10 privilege cards and you have a photo took at Hopton Norfolk reception to activate your privilege card and you then don’t have to buy Haven fun work passes as an owner all facilities are free and you even get discount off the restaurants at Hopton holiday village and the shops. Hopefully in 2019 the privilege cards at Hopton holiday village will work in the same way. Guests staying in your own caravan or Lodge at Hopton holiday village will have to pay for Haven fun work passes but you are allowed to allocate the privilege cards to family members and close friends.

There are many Haven caravan grades they are as follows Standard deluxe prestige platinum and luxury lodges and depending which one you book all Haven caravan grades are slightly different. We grade very similarly at 2cholidays Standard would be our Topaz and Luxury Lodges would be our platinum grading. I think it’s always great to have a range of choice and budget and Haven caravan grades are always very accurate.

If you interested in Haven weekend breaks and your thinking of buying a caravan at Hopton holiday village you may want to get in touch with us and we can get you in touch with the fantastic sales team at Hopton and I can personally recommend buying a caravan at Hopton as I have first-hand experience.

If your looking to book a holiday at Hopton holiday village you can book for 2019 now and there are some great discounts available.