What do dogs dream about?

What do dogs dream about?

Every dog, no matter what bread or size, they all dream. But, what do dogs dream about? Some can be scary or some can be calming. This is because anything that a dog does in the day, its now being processed while they are asleep. When a dog dreams, this is their attempt of understanding the information being processed in the brain.

When dogs dreams they normally have twitching whiskers, the whimpering and running paws that we observe. Your dog might dream about you! The time where you took them on a walk. Or that time where you were playing and giving them cuddles, their most probably dreaming about that too.

Do Dog’s Dream

Sleeping dogs and their dreams

Dogs sleep quite a lot. They spend around half of their day sleeping, around 30% resting or lying down. This only leaves 20% of their day active. This will depend on their age, breed, health and even their personality. So you may have had lots of opportunities to observe your dog while they’re sleeping.

Sometimes when dogs sleep, it might not look like that they are sleeping well. However, it’s very normal for sleeping dogs to make a variety of movements and noises during sleep. Some dogs even sleep walk! But if your dog has ever barked, snored or whined in their sleep you most likely will be asking yourself why? Why do they do that and why dogs make a noise while sleeping?

Dog Dreaming Noises

Do dogs dream

Dogs do dream but the dreams of animals might not be that unpleasant or based on realistic experiences. The dreams that dogs dream are not unpleasant like us humans. For example, sitting exams or finding yourself in a really embarrassing situation. Dogs will dream about chasing a toy. Finding a way to snooze in different positions. Perhaps even trying to convince their owner to feed them again. This is the dream life for a dog.

We all move in our sleep!

When observing your dog when they’re dreaming its very tempting to wake them up. It’s hard when you can see them whimpering, twitching or shaking in their sleep but you shouldn’t wake them. This could be distressing for the dog. Put yourself in their shoes. You wouldn’t want to be awakened when you snoozing away after all. Humans twitch as well but that doesn’t mean something bad is in their dream.

Dog Dreams

Dog dreams

Just like humans, dogs and other animals go through several sleep cycles. These are a period of wakefulness, followed by rapid eye movement, also known as REM sleep, and lastly, non rapid eye movement sleep. REM sleep is probably the period where its responsible for the most memorable and vivid dreams. This is believed to be how the body professes memory and other things.

Puppies and older dogs twitch and move more in their sleep. This is because their pons is underdeveloped in puppies and less efficient in older dogs. The pons is the part of the brainstem that is involved in the control of sleep cycles. The regulation of deep sleep and is responsible for the large muscle movements in their sleep. Reports say that small dogs have more frequent dreams than large dogs. However, small dogs dreams are shorter in duration that the large dog.

Dogs dream

When you think about humans having a nightmare, you often think that dogs can also have nightmares. When your dog is in a deep sleep and twitching, it is very tempting to wake your dog up to comfort them, but you shouldn’t. There are some scary risks that could potentially take place. As a human, getting woken up from a scary dream, you are trying to remember where you are and who you are with.

Should you wake a sleeping dog?

Just like humans, dogs can react aggressively towards the person that is waking them. This can be very dangerous around children. All you need to do is allow your dog to sleep and wait for your dog to wake up so you can comfort them. The old saying is ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. For instance, my dog does a lot of running in her sleep as her paws are always twitching. I’m sat there thinking to myself, is she’s chasing something, playing with her doggy friends or running after a tennis ball in a big open field? Either way, running is her favorite thing to do when she’s awake.

Dog dreaming noises

When it comes to dogs, their adorable sleep sounds give babies a run for their money. Dogs whimper, whine, twitch, kick their legs as if they are running after a ball. But the noises during the sleep are like the ramblings of humans when they sleep talk. Dogs dream about their daily activities so depending on which activity they are dreaming about, the different noises or movements they will do. An example of this is if they are running and chasing for a ball. Their legs will most likely start to kick and their nose starts to twitch.

Dog noises and dreams

When dogs dream, they are often switching between non REM sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. So the dreaming occurs during REM which will explain the twitches and noises. A way that you could know that your dog is having a nightmare is if your dog is whimpering or crying in their sleep. This is most likely a nightmare. Meanwhile dogs often twitch their legs and make cute noises which is an indication that they are dreaming