What’s On In Nottinghamshire

What’s On In Nottinghamshire

What’s On In Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire is a county that’s buzzing with activity, all year round. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, a foodie or an adrenaline junkie, there’s something for everyone here.

You could step back in time by visiting Nottingham Castle and discovering the legendary tales of Robin Hood, or explore the county’s beautiful parks and gardens. From traditional pubs to trendy restaurants, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and enjoy local cuisine.

Thrill-seekers should head to the National Watersports Centre in Holme Pierrepont, where they can try their hand at white water rafting, paddle boarding and more. There’s always something exciting happening in Nottinghamshire, so why not come and see for yourself?

Whats Going On In Nottingham
What's Going On In Nottingham
What's Happening In Nottingham
What's On In Nottingham This Week

Events In Nottingham This Week

Nottingham is a city brimming with diversity, and the same applies to the events that take place here. From art and theatre to cinema and live music, Nottingham has something to offer for everyone. This week in Nottingham is no different, with a series of events that promise to keep you entertained and engaged.

Nottingham’s Historical Artwork Exhibition

As April sets in, Nottingham Contemporary brings back its “Nottingham Court Artwork” exhibition. This display highlights the intricate artwork of a few of Nottingham’s historical courtrooms that were used for high profile trials. This event caters to art lovers and history enthusiasts alike and is an excellent opportunity for you to gain insight into the city’s history.

The Jerk & Beyond – Vegan Eatery In Nottingham

The Jerk & Beyond is a Vegan Caribbean Eatery that is currently operating in Nottingham. The Entrepreneurs from the Deaf Community own this business serving dishes from plantain fritters to vegan jerk, and there are also options for those with gluten-free and dairy-free diets. They aim to offer plant-based food that is accessible to all with excellent service.

Nottingham Theatre Royal – Live Performances

Theatre Royal is Nottingham’s most famous theatrical venue and will be home to shows that are tough to miss this week, if you’re a theatre enthusiast. “The Addams Family” which is a weirdly humorous comedic play will grace the stage from the 19th until the 24th of April, while the iconic “Blood Brothers” will have shows every day from Monday until Saturday.

Watch Nottingham Forest Live

With football matches being permitted by the government this month, and Nottingham Forest hosting Huddersfield Town FC at the City Ground Nottingham on the 24th of April 2021, it’s a great opportunity to watch action-packed soccer live in the city. Follow the latest protocols to be able to watch the match and join the fans cheering their beloved team.

Nottingham Arboretum

Spring is the ideal season to take in nature’s beauty, not forgetting Nottingham Arboretum, a nature park that has been around since 1852. The Arboretum has a stunning layout with Oak and Horse Chestnut trees that provide a scenic view and some shade to take a break from the spring sunshine. Bring some snacks, relax on a bench and revive.

What’s On Nottinghamshire

Nestled in the heart of England, Nottinghamshire is a beautiful country that boasts exceptional sights, rich culture, and vibrant events. From world-famous sports and music events to some of the best food festivals in the UK, Nottinghamshire is a perfect destination for people who want to have fun and enjoy life.

Nottinghamshire Pride

Nottinghamshire Pride is an extraordinary event that happens every year over summer to show support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ communities within Nottinghamshire and beyond. The vibrant event features an array of entertainment, including live music, comedy, drag acts, and parades of colorful floats and costumes.

Newark Classic Car Show

For the vintage car enthusiasts, the Newark Classic Car Show is one of the must-attend events in Nottinghamshire. This show features an exceptional display of classic cars from all corners of the country, showcased within the historic venue of Newark Showground. If you are looking to cherish the glorious past of motoring, and excited to see some of the finest vintage cars, this event should find its way to your calendar.

Welbeck Winter Weekend

If you’re interested in art, crafts, food, and independent shopping, the Welbeck Winter Weekend is an ideal event for you. Held in the historic and beautiful Welbeck Estate, this event features a vast community of Nottinghamshire skilled crafters and artists who showcase their work through interactive workshops, markets of unique gifts, and delicious food. Join in for a memorable weekend filled with shopping, workshops, and creativity.

The Robin Hood Marathon

The Robin Hood Marathon event is Nottinghamshire’s most iconic sporting event, attracting more than 10 thousand runners and spectators each year. The event features a range of race categories, guaranteeing that there’s something for everyone and making sure that any running challenge is met.

What’s Happening In Nottinghamshire

What’s On In Nottinghamshire? Are you a fan of history, culture, and beautiful scenery? Then the county of Nottinghamshire in central England needs to be in your travel radar. There is so much to see and do in Nottinghamshire, from exploring medieval castles and underground caves to experiencing modern art and shopping.

Manor House Holiday Park

This park is surrounded by beautiful countryside with nearby rivers and so much nature for you to explore. Not only is it near the countryside, the local pubs will sure welcome you and you’ll definitely have an enjoyable evening with you and your family. Manor House Holiday Park is close to a Nottinghamshire village of Laneham which includes so many eateries with riverside views. There is plenty of nearby attractions that are waiting to be explored!

Historical Castles and Museums

One of the most famous landmarks in Nottinghamshire is undoubtedly the Nottingham Castle, which dates back to the 17th century. This former royal castle has witnessed many historical events over the centuries, and now operates as a museum and art gallery. Another popular castle in the area is the stunning Wollaton Hall, which was built in the 16th century.

Underground Caves and Attractions

Underneath the streets of Nottingham lies a hidden world of passageways, tunnels, and caves that have been a part of the city’s history for centuries. The City of Caves attraction in Nottingham allows visitors to explore the underground world and learn about the city’s rich history. Another incredible underground experience can be found at the National Justice Museum, which is housed in a former courthouse and gaol.

Outdoor Adventures and Activities

If you’re an adventurous type, then Nottinghamshire won’t disappoint. The Sherwood Forest Visitor centre offers a variety of outdoor activities, including segway tours, archery, and adventure trails. The Rufford Abbey Country Park is another popular destination, boasting beautiful gardens and lakes, where you can take a relaxing stroll or cycle.

Arts and Cultural Events

Nottinghamshire has a rich arts and cultural scene, with events happening throughout the year. The Nottingham Contemporary art gallery features modern art from around the world and hosts regular exhibits and events

What’s On In Nottingham This Week

Nottingham is a vibrant city that offers something for everyone, from historical sites to trendy shops and restaurants. This week, there are plenty of events and activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a local or traveling to the city for the first time, here are the top 5 things to check out in Nottingham this week.

Robin Hood Statue

We cannot talk about Nottingham without mentioning the famous story and legend of Robin Hood. Visit the famous Robin Hood statue in the city center, which is a popular spot for taking photos and selfies. This statue of the legendary archer was made in 1952, and it commemorates the hero who lived in Sherwood Forest. Don’t forget to visit the nearby shops and cafes where Robin Hood memorabilia is available.

Food and Drink Festival

The Nottingham Food & Drink Festival is taking place from Friday until Sunday this week, bringing a range of top food and drink vendors to the city center. Located in Wollaton Park, this festival offers a wide range of cuisine options, from gourmet burgers to vegan donuts. There will also be live music, entertainment and a chance to sample some of the exquisite cocktails on offer at the cocktail bar.

Ghost Tours

Nottingham has a long and storied history, which inevitably means that there are many ghost stories to share. The city offers a range of tours with themed ghost walks that guide you through some of the creepiest sites in Nottingham. From the caves beneath the city to the grand Victoria Embankment, there are many eerie locations to visit and enter the paranormal world.

Escape Room

For thrill-seekers and those who love solving puzzles, try the escape rooms in the city. Escape rooms offer an interactive experience in a safe, controlled environment. There are many themes to choose from, such as Sherlock Holmes, prison breaks or even Harry Potter-themed rooms. Gather your family or friends and put your problem-solving skills to the test.

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Whats On In Nottingham This Weekend
What's On In Nottingham This Weekend
Whats On In Nottingham Tonight
Whats On In Nottinghamshire This Weekend
Whats On In Notts
Whats On Nottinghamshire

What’s On In Nottingham Tonight

What’s On In Nottinghamshire? Nottingham is famous for its famous literary figures, art galleries, museums and cultural events. It’s also the UK’s seventh largest city, hosting an incredible range of activities every night. Whether you’re visiting or a resident, there’s always something happening in Nottingham. With so much to do, it can be a daunting task figuring out what to do next. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Bars and Pubs

Nottingham has a buzzing nightlife, with a range of bars and pubs to choose from. The Lace Market is home to most of Nottingham’s popular watering holes that are worth checking out. For a chilled out, easy going evening, head to the Malt Cross for a pint and a pub quiz. If you prefer something more unique, try Gong for expertly made cocktails or visit Hockley Arts Club for an immersive experience.


If you love watching movies, the Savoy Cinema located in the heart of Nottingham city is a must-visit. Savoy is one of the oldest surviving cinemas in England and is renowned for its breath-taking Art Nouveau architecture. This cinema presents the latest movies, arthouse screenings and classic cinema favourites in their two-screen auditorium. You can also choose to catch a late night movie in the Savoy Café Bar.

Live Music and Gigs

Nottingham has a strong music scene, with intimate venues and larger spaces for live music events. Rescue Rooms located in Nottingham city centre offers a diverse range of live music shows, with artists of all genres performing here each evening. For those who love their gig experience a little more underground, Rough Trade is a record shop that transforms into an intimate gig venue at night. They host live bands in their small but atmospheric basement, with tickets always selling out fast.


The Theatre Royal Nottingham is one of the UK’s most famous touring venues and is dedicated to bringing the best of West End’s productions to the East Midlands. The theatre features a variety of performances such as classic dramas, pantomime and musicals each evening. Meanwhile, Nottingham Playhouse is famous for it’s award-winning productions such as The Kite Runner and its Christmas shows for children and family audiences. There’s always a play or two on offer, so it’s worth checking out what’s playing there.


For clubbers, Nottingham has a variety of venues that cater to different musical tastes. The biggest clubs in Nottingham’s city centre are Pryzm, Brass Monkey, Coco Tang and Stealth, all of which offer different vibes, genres and multiple floors to explore. Nottingham has welcomed a great number of chart-topping DJs over the years to perform in town. Young people from all over the UK travel to Nottingham every weekend, so the queues are quite long but the entry prices are quite reasonable.