Where to see the seals Norfolk

Where to see the seals in Norfolk?

Where to see the seals in Norfolk? What better place than the North Norfolk Coast to experience the natural world. With areas of outstanding beauty like the Broads, Titchwell and Cley Marshes you are truly spoilt for choice. Along with vast areas of stunning natural landscapes, the Norfolk coast is a haven for both Common and Grey Seals.

Summer Seals

During the Summer months you can often experience the inquisitive Common popping up from the depths. They swim around the boats sailing close to the basking seals on the beach. Undoubtedly these sun bathing seals make for excellent photo opportunities. Without a doubt one of the biggest seal colonies in the UK can be found at Blakeney Point.


Just a short drive from Wells you will find Blakeney. Blakeney National Nature Reserve has been managed since 1912. The reserve is part of both an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and a World Biosphere Reserve. Access to the point is only achieved by boat. A pre booked seal trip is the best way to see the wildlife in its natural habitat. Trips can be booked locally with companies like Bishops Boats. The sailings, departing from the quay last approx an hour, during this time you can experience playful seal around the boat and basking seals as the boat cruises close to the shoreline. Your local guide will know the best places to view these amazing animals. A great way to spend the day.

Grab your camera

Along with your all weather gear, pack your camera and binos to help you spot the seals. Grey seals are the larger of the two species. With large speckles on their coats and longer pointed heads. The common seals have a more rounded face with ‘V’ shaped nostrils.

Best Place To See Seals In Norfolk
Where Is The Best Place To See Seals In Norfolk

Where is the best place to see seals in Norfolk.

Pupping season has begun! Where to see the seals in Norfolk? Blakeney. The first grey seal pup was spotted at Blakeney on 19th October 2022 nearly two weeks earlier than last year. Duncan Halpin, North Norfolk coast ranger for the National Trust said: “We’re really proud to announce the birth of the first pup of the season, its always a special moment in our year.”

4’500 Seal Pups

If predictions prove right Blakeney will see over 4’500 seal pups born this 2022/23 season. Lasting from October to January the pupping season turns Blakeney into Britain’s largest seal colony. They boast over 10,000 grey seal cows, pups and bulls. It should be noted that female seals typically live to around 35 years old and have their first pup around 3 years old. Once they’ve had their first pups, they return to the same place each year to give birth.

Stay safe, stick to the paths

Undoubtedly these are wild animals. With this in mind the National Trust team work incredibly hard to protect both the seals and the thousands of visitors each year. A visit to Blakeney will mean sticking to the rules, this is for the safety of you and the seals. Bulls and Cows can be very protective and can become very aggressive. The Trust spend many hours making roped off safe areas for viewing.

Wild Animals

Undoubtedly it can be tempting to sneak under the ropes for a better view of these animals & to capture that prize winning photo. Both Grey and Common Seals can be incredibly playful however can be aggressive if feeling threatened. Their powerful jaws and sharp teeth can cause damage leading to a trip to A&E.

Where are the seals in Norfolk?

Without a doubt Norfolk has some beautiful unspoilt beaches making it a perfect environment for Seals. These seals will return year on year to give birth. Further around the coast, a short distance from Great Yarmouth you will find the small village of Horsey.

Just 15 miles from Great Yarmouth Horsey is home to a vast expanse of unspoilt beach. Scattered with pebbles, shells, and seaweed this beach is a huge pull for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the normal seaside attractions.

Horsey Beach

Undoubtedly Horsey is a gem in the crown of North Norfolk. The beach during the Summer is often deserted making it the perfect place to unwind. Although the beach is perfect for seal watching, it doesn’t have to be reserved for the Winter. You can often catch sight of Seals bobbing in the sea during the summer, or if you are really lucky, you’ll see them basking on the sand.

Dog Friendly

It should be noted that Horsey is a very dog friendly beach, so long as you keep Fido away from the seals during the summer months if there are any. With miles of golden sand your four-legged friend can run and frolic in the sea until their hearts content, in contrast the winter season sees no access to the beach itself during pupping season.

Where Are The Seals In Norfolk
Where To See The Seals In Norfolk

Best place to see seals in Norfolk

With miles and miles of unspoilt beaches the best place to see the seals is anywhere along the North Norfolk Coast. From Brancaster to Blakeney to Horsey with patience and respect you are undoubtedly going to be spoilt for choice. As well as beautiful beaches these chocolate box villages also boast first class restaurants, cafes, and delis.

Thornham Deli – More than a deli

 Along the main coastal road from Wells to Hunstanton you will find Thornham Deli. This hidden gem is a haven for foodies and those who love to browse the aisles for something a little different. The deli is home to a brand new restaurant, a blend of contemporary and industrial style architecture with local materials and stylish furniture and furnishings. The space is airy, dog friendly with plenty of areas for families, friends or couples to feel comfortable, relaxed and unrushed.

Fill your picnic basket

 Heading off to see the seals? Why not pack a picnic. Undoubtedly Thornham Deli has you covered. With counters full of hand raised pies, sausage rolls, pastries and cakes you will be able to pack something for everyone. I fully recommend the Lamb & Mint pie, full of perfectly cooked lamb and a mint gravy.

Also worth trying is the Thai Sausage Rolls, a mix of traditional snack with a slightly spicy twist. Without a doubt Norfolk has everything on offer you need for an exciting day out, see Seals in their natural environment and feast on local produce fresh from the oven. Book today and secure your break with just a £25 deposit.